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What makes us tick?

The YAYP Ministry strives to achieve its vision through a ministry network consisting of these teams:

The Logos Team is dedicated to equip every young adult to learn the Word, love the Word and live the Word in every sphere of life. 

Our role includes preparing or sourcing for Christian education and cell group syllabus suitable for young adults. We also train and equip young adults to take up leadership roles in the ministry.

Our yearly core modules include topics on transiting from youth to young adulthood, from schooling to working and from singlehood to BGRs.
The A Team recognises that our generation today engages the world in a different way from before, and hence seeks to craft our services in a way that can engage our peers without diluting the message of Christ.

The A Team comprises of:

- Ushers, 
- Service managers, 
- Visuals, 
- Emcees, and 
- the Creative Collective, a group that is dedicated to take on the media needs of a forward-looking ministry.
The Fishing Net aims to excite and equip every young adult to share the gospel in Singapore and beyond.

From time to time, we also roll out talks and training workshops on highly relevant topics to prepare young adults to give the reason for the hope that we have. 

Some of our initiatives include the Alpha Course, A Christmas Wish (local compassion Initiative) and yearly overseas mission trips.
The Open Doors is all about fellowship. Beyond just the food and fun, our goal is to create a strong community of young adults built on authentic relationships. We believe that such a community will help us spur one another on toward love and good deeds as we journey together in this walk with God.

The Open Doors consists of:

- Befrienders, who champion a welcoming culture and organise events for the YAYP community; and

- Assimilators, who guide youths in their transition into the young adult community.
To find out more or join one of our exciting teams, please email us at yayp@graceaog.org or contact any of our YAYP staff